Governing Documents

Note that The Renaissance on Turtle Creek Condominium Association is governed by Chapter 82 of the Texas Property Code entitled Uniform Condominium Act (aka TUCA), and is a unit owners' association organized pursuant to TUCA.  The Renaissance on Turtle Creek Condominium Association is not a property owners' association established for owners of property/lots in a residential subdivision (aka HOA), and HOAs are governed by Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code.
The Condominium Declaration for the Renaissance on Turtle Creek is the instrument that created the condominium, contributed the property to the condominium regime, and defined the various portions of the condominium such as the units, common elements, land and other portions thereof. The Renaissance on Turtle Creek Condominium Association, Inc. is the unit owners' association organized as a nonprofit corporation through the Articles of Incorporation in Texas to govern the affairs of the Association and manage the Condominium as further described in the Bylaws. The Rules & Regulations set forth certain rules for the benefit of the community and residents.

Governing Documents may be amended pursuant to their terms.  The Association will endeavor to include the most current versions of the Governing Documents and all amendments on this website at all times.  Please contact the management office if you have any questions concerning the most current versions of these documents or otherwise.