How can I pay my assessments?

Assessments, including both Monthly Assessments (often inaccurately referred to as "dues"), Special Assessments, and other amounts, are defined in Article 6 of the Declaration. All Owners are obligated to pay assessments when due.

To pay assessments, owners may send a check using the information printed in the payment booklet that was mailed to you, set up auto-payment with ClickPay, or drop off your payment to the management office, located in the East Tower.

What do my assessments pay for?

The operation and maintenance of our property is the responsibility of your Association, and is funded through your monthly assessments, and, if needed, periodic special assessments.

Assessments are used to pay the common expenses of the Association. For additional details, see Article 6 of the Declaration.

As an example of what assessments pay for, the following breakdowns from the Association's 2019 Operating Budget are listed:

  • 51% - Payroll for contracted staff members (concierge, housekeeping, maintenance, management, loss prevention staff, etc.)

  • 16% - Reserve Fund (contributions made to cover longer term planned maintenance and upkeep items as identified by periodic Reserve Studies)

  • 10% - Contracted Services (valet, loss prevention, landscaping, elevator maintenance, concierge, trash pickup, recyclable pickup, etc.)

  • 10% - Utilities (electric, telephone, gas, cable television, and internet for the common areas, as well as water for the entire property)

  • 5% - Administration (professional management, legal, office supplies, website, social events, etc.)

  • 5% - Insurance & Taxes

  • 3% - Maintenance Supplies & Repairs (maintenance supplies, safety fire protection, window cleaning, janitorial supplies, etc.)

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How are assessment amounts determined?

Each year, the Board of Directors approves an annual budget which includes all expected common expenses for items such as management, services, utilities, administration, insurance, taxes, supplies, legal services, as well as amounts required to fund the reserve account for future property repair, maintenance, and replacement. The total budget amount is then divided by the percentages for the Allocation of Ownership Interests included as Exhibit B to the Declaration and described in Section 2.2 of the Declaration to determine the annual assessment amount for each unit, and then such annual amount is divided by 12 to obtain each Unit's monthly assessment amount.

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Can my assessments be reduced if an amenity isn't available?

No. The monthly assessments that each Owner has a responsibility to pay do not pay for the use of the amenities. Amenities are not paid for with assessments, because they are collectively owned by all unit owners - you paid for them when you bought your condominium. Instead, monthly assessments pay for common expenses of the Association. See the section above for details.

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What if I don't pay my assessments?

Owners are legally obligated to pay their monthly and special assessments per Article 6 of the Declaration, and the Association has an obligation to collect them. If assessments are not paid, the Association would not have the budgeted funds to pay its staff, contractors, taxes, utilities, insurance, etc., and ensure adequate reserve funding for longer-term maintenance of the property. 

Monthly and Special Assessments are considered delinquent if not paid on the date due. When an account becomes delinquent, our staff may call or email to remind you of the amounts due, but this is a courtesy and is not guaranteed. Late fees and administrative fees apply to delinquent assessments – please refer to the Delinquent Assessments Policy of the Association for detailed information.

Within 30 days of the delinquency occurring you will receive formal notice and the collections process for past due assessments shall commence. Please review the Delinquent Assessments Policy of the Association for detailed information, and please be aware of the penalties which may ensure for non-payment of assessments. Each unit is subject to a lien for assessments and such lien can be foreclosed on by the Association for unpaid assessments in accordance with the Declaration.

For additional details, see the Delinquent Assessments Policy on the Governing Documents page.

If you have any questions or concerns about amounts due, or need to consider a payment plan, please contact the management office.

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How do I register as a New Owner?

First, welcome to The Renaissance! We encourage you to visit the Management Office as early as possible, where our management team can explain everything you need to know regarding registration, orientation, and moving procedures.

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How can I register a pet?

Residents may register pets in the management office. All dogs, cats, and birds must be registered. A pet deposit and current shot records are required for dogs and cats. Dogs must be DNA tested. Owners will need to swab their dogs with large Q-tips which are provided. Photos are taken of each registered dog, and a dog tag will be provided. Pet registration and DNA testing fees apply.

Note that tenants (those leasing a unit from the unit owner) are prohibited from having dogs on property.

Additional important details concerning pets are contained in Section 1.13 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How can I register a guest?

You may register a guest on the FSRConnect site, or by calling or visiting a concierge desk.

Note that all guests are bound by the governing documents, and unit owners are responsible for their guests or the guests of their tenants or occupants. Guests may not use the recreational facilities unless accompanied at all times by an owner, tenant, or occupant. In addition, the number of guests using the recreational facilities at any given time are limited. See Sections 1.2, 1.5, and 1.9 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How can I register a vehicle?

Residents may register up to two vehicles per unit by coming to the management office. Please bring the license plate number, make, model, year, and color of the vehicle. In addition, the number of your TollTag DNT must be registered to open the gate (alternatively, a Transcore sticker may be purchased). Residents will receive an RTC decal for each registered vehicle, which should be placed on the lower passenger side of the windshield.

See Section 1.12 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How can I register a bicycle?

Bicycles must be registered before they can be stored in the bike rack, located on the lower level of the parking garage. Contact the Management Office to register bicycles. Note that per the Rules and Regulations, bicycles may not be stored on balconies.

See Sections 1.7(d) and 1.12 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How can I register a tenant?

Owners that choose to lease their units must register their tenant with the management office. To register a tenant, an owner must supply a properly executed lease of a period not less than 12 months, and payment of the $250 lease administration fee. Tenant(s) must visit the management office to complete the Resident Information Form, vehicle registration paperwork, and any other required documents. Tenants, like all new residents, are given a Welcome Packet and can set up a new resident orientation. Tenants must schedule moves in advance.

Additional important obligations regarding Leases can be found in Section 1.6 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How do I register a resident as needing assistance during an emergency?

In the event of an emergency requiring an evacuation, most residents should exit via the 6 emergency exit stairwells. However, some residents may need assistance. To have a resident registered as needing assistance, contact the management office.

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How can I use dry cleaning services?

Dry cleaning services are available to residents at a discounted rate through J’s Tailor & Cleaners. Items brought to a concierge desk by 8:30 am are typically returned after 5:00 pm the same day. Residents may request a starter kit from any of the concierge desks.

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How can I use Valet Services?

Complimentary valet parking is available to all residents and their guests.

  • Residents may have their properly-registered vehicles valet parked in their assigned space, or one additional vehicle in an unassigned space.

  • Up to four guest vehicles per unit may be valet parked for up to 24 hours, provided spaces are available. If you are planning a gathering and expect more than four vehicles, you must coordinate in advance with the management office to arrange for additional staff, or excess vehicles may be turned away.

  • Valet service is provided 6:30am-11:00pm Monday-Thursday, 6:30am-3:00am Friday, 7:00am-3:00am Saturday and 7:00am-11:00pm Sunday.

  • Residents and guests may use either the East Lobby or South Lobby Driveway, where a valet will greet you and park your car. If a valet does not meet you, park your vehicle to the side and bring your key inside to the concierge.

  • Residents may call down to retrieve their car or bring their ticket to the valet in the lobby. Residents are also able to set up a valet schedule.

  • All valet parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Spaces are limited.

See Sections 1.9 and 1.12 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How can I use Pest Control Services?

Basic pest control services are available to all residents as part of monthly assessments. Residents may contact the management office to be put on the normal schedule, every Wednesday, except holidays. Residents do not have to be home for service.

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How do I request a Work Order?

Work orders can be requested online via Connect, at any concierge desk, via email, via phone, or in the management office. Work orders for owners and residents are addressed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, allowing the team to focus on the upkeep of the common areas of the property the remainder of the week.

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Where do I find the Governing Documents?

The Governing Documents of the Association and Condominium can be found on this website, on the Connect website, from the management office, and in the public records of Dallas County, Texas.

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How do I get a Key made?

Simply place a work order.

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How do I get a new access FOB?

If you need a new or an additional FOB, they are available for purchase in the Management Office for $35. Simply visit the management office to obtain a new FOB.

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How do I check for Package Deliveries?

Package information can be found on the Connect website. You may also ask any concierge in person or over the phone. You can set your notification preferences on the Connect website to automatically receive a phone call, text, or email when a package for you has been received. Note that "packages" also include delivered dry cleaning.

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How do I have work performed on my unit?

For minor maintenance items, residents may place a work order for our maintenance team to perform the work. Residents may approve the work to be done in their absence.

For larger projects, residents may need to hire outside contractors. Note that there the Governing Documents include regulations for this type of work. See Section 1.11 of the Rules and Regulations.

A few of the common issues you need to be aware of:

  • Contractor Hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday-Friday.

  • Large projects require a deposit of $2,500.

  • Contractors must provide evidence of liability insurance of at least $1M, with the Renaissance on Turtle Creek Condominium Association, Inc. listed as an additional insured.

  • Contractors must be registered with the office and days of work added to the calendar for staff use.

  • All construction debris must be disposed of offsite.

  • A key can be left at the desk for the contractor, provided a Unit Key Agreement is provided.

  • All contractors will need to sign in each day with Loss Prevention.

  • Contractors must have a government issued photo ID to work on property.

  • Additional Rules and Regulations apply. Please review any planned work with the management team in advance.

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How do I get involved with the community?

There are many ways to become more involved in the community.

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How do I schedule a move?

We know moving can be a stressful experience, so we encourage you to contact the management office to schedule and obtain all of the details of the moving process as soon as possible.

Moves must be scheduled, and can occur Monday through Saturday, 9 am through 4pm. In order to minimize the impact to your neighbors, only one move per day per tower is scheduled, first-come, first-served.

Residents must provide the following to schedule all moves, whether into or out of The Renaissance: A completed Move Agreement form, the name and contact information for your moving company, a valid insurance certificate that meets the requirements, payment of a move fee and a move deposit.

All moves must be through the approved loading docks for the appropriate tower, unless otherwise instructed by our staff. Note that the loading areas are limited in size. If you anticipate a large truck, please verify that it can be accommodated with management before the day of your move.

Note that items being moved may only be staged in the reserved elevators and in the unit. Items may not be staged, stacked, or left unattended in hallways, elevator landings, or other common areas.

See Section 1.14 of the Rules and Regulations.

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How do I run for the Board?

All owners in good standing with the Association are eligible to run for the Board of Directors. We suggest you review the Policy for Election of Directors on the Governing Documents page.    

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How do I report a problem?

Residents are required to immediately report any leak, break, damage or malfunction.  Residents are encouraged to report any other issues that they notice. Simply notify any staff member, such as a concierge or contact the management office.

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How do I vote in a Board election?

Ballots, instructions, and details about each candidate will be mailed to you. Owners may vote in person or by proxy.  Voting is described in detail in the Bylaws, and information for voting for a specific election will be provided prior to each election.

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How do I contribute to the holiday bonus fund for staff?

All owners and residents are encouraged to contribute to the voluntary annual holiday bonus fund. This is our way of expressing thanks to our staff members who work so hard during the year at The Renaissance. Contributions are distributed to all current staff members, including housekeeping, concierge, maintenance, valet parking, and receiving, but not including the General Manager or Assistant Manager. There are many properties in our area competing for experienced staff members, and a strong Holiday Fund will go a long way in our efforts to retain our staff.

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Do I need to buy insurance?

Yes. While the Association maintains insurance for the common areas of the property, it is the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure adequate insurance coverage for their unit and any assigned Limited Common Elements, such as any assigned parking space, private garage, or storage units. For more information about insurance and your requirements as an owner, refer to the Association’s governing documents (i.e. Sec. 1.3 of the Rules and Regulations and Sec. 5.3 of the Declaration).

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How do I recycle?

Green recycling bins are located outside the rear entrance doors of the South and West lobbies and in the loading dock vestibule for East Tower residents. If you make use of Dry Cleaning services, you may request a box to recycle hangers.

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Why does my condo's square footage not match what is in the Declaration?

The standard for selling or leasing a condominium is to list the "paint-to-paint" or "airspace" measurements. However, the Declarant apparently used another method, perhaps the center-line method, to calculate unit square footage for the allocation of ownership interests in the Declaration. This practice is common.

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Can I list my unit for short-term rentals (AirBNB, VRBO, etc.)?

No. See Section 1.6 of the Rules and Regulations.

What about Storage Units?

There are 188 storage units in The Renaissance. The majority of these storage units were allocated by the Declarant to specific condominium units.

Storage units are Limited Common Elements of the Condominium, may not be "purchased", "sold", conveyed or transferred separate and apart from the unit to which they have been lawfully assigned, and any attempt to sell, convey, or transfer a storage unit separate and apart from a unit violates the Declaration and Chapter 82 of the Texas Property Code entitled Uniform Condominium Act (aka TUCA), and such sale, conveyance or transfer shall automatically be deemed void.

The Association does have a number of these storage units, of various sizes and locations, available for rent - contact the Management Office for details.

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What about Private Garages?

A fairly unique feature of The Renaissance is that it has nine private garages, with closable garage doors. These garages were allocated by the Declarant to specific units. 

Private Garages are Limited Common Elements of the Condominium, may not be "purchased", "sold", conveyed or transferred separate and apart from the unit to which they have been lawfully assigned, and any attempt to sell, convey, or transfer a private garage separate and apart from a unit violates the Declaration and Chapter 82 of the Texas Property Code entitled Uniform Condominium Act (aka TUCA), and such sale, conveyance or transfer shall automatically be deemed void.

The Association does have one private garage, which it may make available for rent - contact the Management Office for details.

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