Board of Directors

2018 Board: Tim, Franklin, Chris, Matt, Michael, and Margaret

2018 Board: Tim, Franklin, Chris, Matt, Michael, and Margaret


  • Chris Cantu, Director

  • Tim Doyle, Director

  • Franklin Gentry, Director

  • Matthew Mather, Director

  • Joseph Miller, Director


  • Tim Doyle, President

  • Franklin Gentry, Treasurer

  • Chris Cantu, Secretary

The Board of Directors of The Renaissance on Turtle Creek Condominium Association, Inc. is comprised of five Directors and three officers. Directors are unit owners in the Condominium and such owners serve voluntarily.  Unit owners comprise the members of the Association, and members elect Directors at annual meetings; however, not all five Director positions will be open for election every annual meeting, as terms are staggered for Director positions.  Directors serve two-year terms, and may serve for two consecutive terms as an elected Director. In the event a Director position becomes vacant, remaining Directors appoint a replacement Director to serve the remainder of the term of the Director which vacated such position. Officers of the Association are elected by the Directors. The President and Treasurer must also be Directors. The Secretary may or may not also be a Director. The Board meets in mid-February, then on the 4th Tuesday of every month during the months of March through October. Meetings of the Board are open to members of the Association.  The powers and duties of the Board are detailed in Article VII of the Bylaws.